Summer is here, and so are the kids. If you’re wondering what to do with your kids this summer, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a list of 14 best free summer activities for kids to do this summer. So, check out our list of 14 fun and free summer activities for kids.

Summer is nearly here, and the warm weather and sunshine beckon to us to get outside and enjoy our days. The best part about summer is that kids get to spend more time outside and experience fun and engaging activities. The good news: there are plenty of cool, fun activities that cost nothing or almost nothing to enjoy. The bad news: there are also plenty of activities that can cost a lot of money. I will take you through a list of 14 Free summer activities for kids (yes, Free & Fun) in this article. I will also mention some of the more expensive activities that are worth the money.

Summer is the best time of the year to get out there and have fun, and many people will take advantage of the summer sun by going to the beach, swimming, or just hanging out at the park. But with all of the fun activities out there, it can be tough to know what to do. So, here are 14 Free Summer Activities for Kids (Yes, Free & Fun) so you can kick back and relax without worrying about spending money.. Read more about activities for kids and let us know what you think.

word-image-1692 Let’s cut to the chase, because I’m sure if your summer is like mine, we need to tackle that familiar summer boredom with these free summer activities for kids. It’s very important to get the kids moving this summer, and I know it can be hard because we have to watch the money we spend. Believe me, I understand. For many families, summer can affect their finances even more than the holidays! The only thing I want you to always remember, , is this: You don’t have to spend money to have fun and create memories this summer. So keep that in mind. word-image-1693

14 free summer activities for children

Below is a list of free activities you and your child can enjoy this summer . Here we go!

Agricultural work

Find out what the local conditions are, maybe you and your family can work on a farm for free. Some farms bring you and your children closer to life on the farm and give you the opportunity to do real work on the farm. It all depends on the type of operation you are settling into, and has its own requirements. You can learn how to feed chickens, milk goats and much more. For more information about working on the farm this summer, check out this link.

Local museum free for one day

Many museums offer free admission and outdoor activities. Small local museums and planetariums also offer free events for residents. Please inquire about these days and plan your activities so you can visit the and enjoy the day.

Free design workshops

DIY stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer free building workshops for kids. In addition, children will receive free aprons, goggles, and materials and tools to complete their projects. The staff is ready to help the children in build. To find out when The Home Depot is hosting its popular free kids workshop, click here.


Another free summer activity for kids is to have a picnic.  Let’s face it, eating out is expensive, so why not have a family picnic in the park with food you already have at home. Follow the link to read 8 tips on how to save money on picnics.

Arts and crafts

Like free construction workshops for kids, many parks offer free arts and crafts classes. You can even do it yourself at home. Make useful items such as cleaning coasters, stone paths and garden art. Check out these craft ideas for kids:

Garden departure

Another free activity you can do with your kids this summer is plant a garden. There are many ways to grow a garden, both indoors and outdoors. You can grow herbs, flowers and much more. There are many ways to get your kids to enjoy a garden. Below are three kid-friendly gardening ideas.

Watching films

It’s fun to go on days with bad weather or even every week. You can have weekly mess and movie nights while watching movies from Amazon Prime or other streaming or cable services. Eat some nice food, roll out some plaids and comfy chairs, sit back and enjoy. You can check out this list of 100 kids movies on Netflix to start planning.

scavenger hunt

The printable summer treasure hunt is a fun activity to keep kids busy during the summer holidays.

Cooking something together

Cooking and baking is always fun for kids because it’s like art and craft. You can lie down and eat some candy. Plus, if you make them at home, they’re obviously healthier, even though they’re cookies.

Guided tour of library

Visit your local library and sign up for free activities for kids locally. Activities such as the Lego club where children can build and play 1 A9.

Combined Volunteers

There are many ways to volunteer as a family, depending on the age of your children. You can clear roads and pick up trash, you can volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, or you can help feed people in a soup kitchen. Maybe you are more of an animal lover – in which case you can help your local shelter by feeding, walking and cleaning the animals.

Getting more involved in your community

Visiting the church is another inexpensive way to engage in family activities. Churches, especially large ones, have many activities besides worship on Saturdays. Yes, you will have to become a member and pay tithes, but generally in a church you only pay what you agree to, which can make doing business in a church cheap.

Local attractions

Put on your walking shoes and visit your own city as if you were a stranger. What comes to mind in your area (or within an hour or so)? Get your travel gear. It costs a little money, but it’s one of the few things on this list. Money Saving Messages You’ll Love

Hiking trails

A fun free activity this summer is hiking on the trails and observing nature. By not spending a lot of money on fun activities with your family, you make the time you spend together even more enjoyable because the stress of money is removed. Remember, whatever you choose, it’s important to have stress-free moments where you are completely focused on each other. Getting together with friends can easily become an expensive pleasure, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your turn: You have read about the free summer activities for children, do you have any other ideas to add?

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Summer is almost here and it’s time to start planning for the fun, free, and awesome summer activities that you want to do this year. If you’re looking for something exciting to do with your kids this summer, here are some of the best and most fun activities for kids of all ages:. Read more about open activities near me and let us know what you think.

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