There’s no question that money can be a touchy subject. How we relate to it can be a real clue to the way we relate to life in general, and how we use it—or don’t—can speak volumes about our personal relationship with money. So if you’re hoping to change the way you think about money, it’s important to make a conscious effort to reprogram your thoughts with positive, life-affirming financial affirmations.

As you know, having an abundant life is totally about having a positive way of thinking. And a positive way of thinking is what will attract the things you need to have and to do in order to have a good life. You can see that this can be true in many different aspects of your life. If you truly desire to have financial success, then you need to make sure that your way of thinking is in accordance with what you want to achieve.

If you are trying to manifest more money into your life, you can use the power of positive affirmations. Affirmations are a quick and easy way to stay focused on what you want and to help shape your reality. It’s important to be specific when writing an affirmation, so you can get results. To help, we have created 50 powerful financial affirmations for manifesting money.

You know what dream killer number one is? Doubt! But the manifestation of money is possible if you have the faith to believe. These financial affirmations will give you daily tips on how to force yourself to take action! The Law of Attraction is the belief that positive thoughts bring positive experiences and negative thoughts bring negative results. All too often our desire to make money is killed by thought: I will never succeed and I am wasting my time. Do you know how many chances I’ve missed because of this? Don’t let doubt stop you from making money! This site would not exist if I allowed myself to get bogged down in this negative thinking. It took me a few months to realize my dream, but it came true! Let these sayings remind you of that…. It’s possible, and you don’t have to waste your time! Note: This article may contain affiliate links, but at no extra cost to you. Click here for the full disclosure policy.

Cash claims

This list of money affirmations will help you not miss your chance. Dream big and never give up without giving everything.

Positive thinking to attract money

What gives these claims of prosperity and abundance power is that you believe them. Light the fire.   word-image-9995 word-image-9996

  • I am doomed to succeed.
  • I am passionate about my goals and nothing can stop me.
  • The world expects me to succeed.
  • I’m not a con man or a cheat. I was made to be creative and make money!
  • The opportunity to make more money is within my grasp.
  • I am successful in money and personal relationships.
  • Financial freedom is not just a dream, it will be my reality.
  • I’m getting a little closer to my financial goals.
  • Showing money is easy because I’m willing to make an effort.
  • I will have no more debts. My savings will continue to grow and I will be financially secure.
  • I’m not greedy, I just want to make money so I can live comfortably and without financial constraints.
  • I am grateful for every penny or compliment I receive.
  • God has given me an understanding of how to manifest money. All I have to do is believe and act.
  • There’s money all around me, I just need to grab it.
  • I will be healthy, rich and happy.

Positive affirmations to start earning money

Do you have a business idea you want to launch? Don’t let doubts stop you from embodying yourself! Don’t listen to the naysayers, do your research and get the money! These financial affirmations will help you maintain a positive attitude throughout your journey.   word-image-9997 word-image-9998

  • I have ideas that change the world.
  • I am ready to achieve my financial goals and dreams.
  • I’m starting to reach my goals today.
  • God is waiting to bless me and I must act.
  • I’m going to write down my ideas for making money.
  • Today I’m going to look at the steps needed to implement my ideas.
  • I will be setting a desired end date for my project today.
  • I’m a magnet, capable of attracting money no matter what I do.
  • I research my competitors or people who do similar things to me to see their strategies.
  • I organize all my good ideas so I don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • The investment in my ideas will be rewarded later.
  • I made a budget. I know how much I can invest in my business.
  • I’m a hard worker and I’m not about to give up.
  • I like challenges because they help me become a stronger business woman/man in the future.
  • I leave nothing for tomorrow that can be done today.
  • I’m going to balance my time and make sure money doesn’t come before family.
  • I’m going to do some research and look for people who can give me tips and tricks.
  • I will ask for help or pay someone to do something that takes up my creative time.
  • I’m not going to invest in something I haven’t thoroughly researched.
  • I focus on the present and don’t worry about tomorrow.
  • I will believe that my ideas are important to the world. Someone’s waiting for my ideas.
  • I’m not going to spend money on something I don’t need.
  • I’m looking forward to getting started and achieving my financial goals.
  • I’ll keep it simple. My idea should not be flashy, it should be useful for….
  • Someone.
  • I don’t follow get-rich-quick schemes. I work hard and patiently pursue my goals.
  • I’m not going to spend more than I have or before I have the money in hand.

Silver mantras to fight negativity

Don’t let anyone, even yourself, kill your dreams. Practice these positive mantras in times of uncertainty.   word-image-9999 word-image-10000

  • I don’t try to please everyone, but I create my own unique group of fans and followers.
  • I can accomplish anything I want. I won’t let anything stop me on my path to financial prosperity.
  • I refuse to listen to negative advice.
  • I go to therapy when my emotions get in the way of making money.
  • I’m going to stop embarrassing myself and say: I’m lazy.
  • I will openly consider suggestions, even if they seem unrealistic or outside my comfort zone.
  • I’ll never be broke again. I know what needs to be done and how to do it.
  • I will listen to suggestions, but I will not let them stop my fire.
  • Every criticism is an opportunity to improve. I will use the positive and negative feedback to adjust and increase my plus points.

Thriving thinking – in all areas!

As you take these positive steps on your financial path, remember:

  1. Dream
  2. Believe
  3. Range

By creating a positive mindset about money, you can achieve prosperity. If you need help overcoming obstacles and gaining self-confidence, try a FREE 20-minute coaching session.   word-image-10001 word-image-10003 Use this set of 50 positive reinforcement cards as a daily reminder to maintain a positive attitude.   word-image-10005 word-image-10006 You can purchase this beautiful deck of cards on the Adorned Heart website or on Etsy. It would also make a great gift for your friends or family!


What does it mean to show money? Money manifesting is evoking physical money with a firm belief in it. It’s about making your dreams come true. Can you show real money? You can show money by saying it’s going to happen and taking steps to make it happen. The money may not come quickly, but you have to keep moving. Which colours attract money? According to Feng Shui, water is an element of abundance. It is expressed by the colors blue and black. Which statement is stronger? I believe that every statement has power if you truly believe it. It’s your faith that gives it strength.Affirmations are a powerful tool to use in your heart’s desire. It is a tool that can be used to manifest the things that you want in your life. Affirmations are statements or phrases that you repeat over and over to convince yourself that it is already true. By repeating the affirmation, you are making an association with whatever you are affirming. The body and mind wants to believe and the only way it will is when you repeat it over and over.. Read more about power affirmations for manifesting wealth and abundance and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manifest money affirmations?

Most people, when they think of financial affirmations, are only thinking about the positive aspects of money. However, when it comes to manifesting money, you need to remain realistic. You need to know that money won’t just fall into your lap. You need to be aware of the obstacles you’ll face, and be prepared to overcome them. For this reason, the affirmations listed below are designed to help you stay positive about money, while also being mindful of the challenges you’ll face along the way. As financial challenges continue to rise, it’s become clear that money is a growing source of stress for many people. So, to combat that stress, here are 50 powerful financial affirmations for manifesting money. The ideas range from simple ways of boosting your savings and building financial security to more advanced (and often unconventional) strategies for mind-manifesting that can affect your career, your savings, and your investments.

What do you say to manifest money?

Money can be a touchy subject. Many of us grew up hearing that talking about money is impolite and that material wealth is a sign of greed. At the same time, we’re surrounded by images of mansions, fast cars, and luxury vacations. These mixed messages leave us feeling torn about money, and it can be hard to know how to talk about money in a way that feels good and is true to you. Affirmations, also known as positive declarative statements, have been used as a tool for manifesting just about anything for thousands of years. There are several documented examples of people using affirmations as a method of manifesting money. (The one I like the best is the guy who used them to win the lottery, if you can believe that!) Affirmations work by reprogramming your own beliefs about what’s possible for you. When you take control of your own thoughts, you can change your life.

Do money affirmations work?

Positive affirmations are one of the easiest ways to set your intentions and achieve your goals. By repeating affirmations, you are training yourself to think positively about your future. This is because your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an actual event and one that you are imagining. So when you repeat affirmations, you are conditioning your brain to achieve the goals and dreams that you have for yourself. Money and wealth are things that many people desire, but is it possible to manifest this abundance through positive thinking? The idea is that if you speak, think, or write down your hopes and dreams, you can attract them into your life. Financial affirmations are short statements that you repeat to yourself that help you understand your current financial situation and, more importantly, what you want to achieve. Sound crazy? There is some science that shows affirmations can help us achieve goals, although they take time to work. Because you need to be persistant with them, you have to keep repeating the affirmations to yourself and keep focusing on your goals.

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