The world of baby registries is a big one. Everything from the type of crib to toys and clothes, you need it all before your child comes into the world. Though many people are practical about their registry needs, there’s always that few who go overboard but this post will help you plan for what really matters when planning for your new bundle of joy

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A Minimalist Baby Registry: What Do You Really Need?

There are an infinite number of baby goods to pick from in today’s globe. New parents sometimes believe that they need all of these items before their kid is born, but the fact is that newborns are really fairly easy. A new infant needs a safe place to sleep, food, clothes, diaper changes, a safe mode of transportation, and, of course, loving parents (all of which are present). So, with the ultimate minimalist baby registry, we’re here to help you go down to essentials.

What is the definition of a minimalist baby registry?


Let’s begin with a definition of minimalism. What exactly does that imply? Minimalism, according to Becoming Minimalist, is living with just what you really need. It’s about getting rid of the unnecessary and concentrating on what actually counts. This is beneficial not just to your mental health, but also to your financial well-being.

Now that you’ve decided on a minimalist baby registry, the next step is to find out what you really need (and don’t). We’ve compiled a list of baby registry must-haves to help you narrow it down.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • You’ll almost certainly get presents that aren’t on your register, so be prepared to receive more baby gear, toys, or clothing.
  • Check with your hospital (or other women who have just given birth there) to discover what services they provide. A baby wrap or blanket, a nasal aspirator, a pacifier, a baby cap, and other postpartum accessories are often sent home with you.
  • You may always refer to our useful page on “How to Get Free Baby Stuff” if you need to fill in any blanks.


Items for a Baby Registry


The average newborn baby sleeps for up to 18 hours a day. There will be a lot of contact naps (when they rest on you), but there will be moments when you need to set them down. A few infant sleep basics might assist you in creating a secure and ideal sleeping environment for your child.

1. The cradle (including bassinet sheets and waterproof mattress pad)

Bassinets are designed for newborns and infants who are unable to roll or sit. For the first few months, they are usually kept in the parents’ room to make it easier to nurse the baby in the middle of the night.

2. The Crib (including crib sheets and waterproof mattress pad)

You may wish to move your baby to a crib after they can roll or sit.

3. Swaddle your baby

Swaddles have a mystical quality about them. They provide newborns a sense of security and help them sleep for extended periods of time so that their moro (or startle) reaction does not wake them up.

4. A sound system

The womb makes a lot of noise! You may use a sound machine on a white noise level to assist newborns acclimatize to the outside world.


Baths are a bit hit-or-miss at first, but they’ll quickly become a favorite part of your baby’s nighttime ritual. Here are a few things you’ll need for a relaxing bath time.

5. A bath for the baby

Baby baths come in a variety of styles. These keep the infant secure and make washing them easy for you.

6. Baby shampoo & lotion

Look for something that is tear-free and hypoallergenic.

7. Hooded towels & washcloths

Pro tip: While bathing babies, wrap them in a warm moist towel. It will make them feel like they are in the womb, rather than chilly and afraid.

8. Nail clippers or file for babies

The nails of babies are long, and they scratch themselves often!

Baby Gear

Children learn more between the ages of one and three than they do in any other three-year period of their lives. When it comes down to it, there aren’t many infant toys or accessories that you’ll need. Everything and everything around them may teach a baby something. However, there are several baby gear basics that we suggest for your child’s growth (as well as for enjoyment!).

9. Swing for the baby

A baby swing gives you a secure location to set them down while the swinging action relaxes and entertains them.

10. Children’s books

It is suggested that you begin reading to your infant as soon as possible after delivery! Reading to your kid increases the parent-child bond while also giving several early learning advantages. Here are a few of the greatest baby books available.

Toys from Montessori

These toys are excellent for newborns since they are safe and inspire your child to learn and explore the world. We don’t want to overload them, so simply adding a few of items on your register is a terrific place to start. Here are some of the most popular Montessori toys.


You may be amazed at how much poop and urine infants produce. It’s a positive indication since it implies they’ve been properly fed and watered. Let’s just say you have a few years of diapering ahead of you since most children are toilet trained between the ages of 2-3. You should be able to get by with these essentials.

12. Diapers & wipes

13. Change of clothes pad

We suggest one that is simple to clean.

14. Diaper pail with odor-controlling technology

To save money, go for one that utilizes standard kitchen garbage bags rather than specialist bags.

15. Cream for diaper rash

From the beginning, protect your baby’s buttocks!


There are a plethora of adorable but absolutely unpractical baby dresses available. You will go through numerous clothes every day while your baby is little. Clothes that are comfy and quick to remove in the event of a milk spill, spit-up incident, or diaper blowout are the best for newborns.

16. Onesies (short & long sleeves)

17. Pants

Sleepers (18.)

19. Socks

20. Laundry detergent for babies

Look for a hypoallergenic option. The most common brand is Dreft.


Babies eat in order to live and live in order to eat! As a result, the majority of your registry may be devoted to everything you’ll need to feed your child. Being prepared is important, but since all newborns have distinct dietary habits, you may start with the essentials and expand afterwards.


Bottles number 21.

Formula 22.

Bottle brush (number 23)

24. Bags for sterilisation

Steam and the microwave are used to sanitize bottles in reusable sterilizing bags. This approach is preferred by many parents over boiling water every time.

25. Burp clothes & bibs

Bottle warmer (number 26)

The good news is that a costly bottle warmer isn’t required. There are insulated thermoses available for less than $25 that work perfectly.


Everything said above, plus:

27. Breast pump & accessories

Consult your doctor about your breast pump requirements. We suggest a breast pump that is tiny, portable, and capable of simultaneously pumping both breasts.

28. Bags for storing breastmilk

29. Pillow for nursing

Protect your neck and back!


We’re not talking about an exotic trip when we say “traveling.” We’re talking about going to Target, the gas station, the store down the street…anywhere! When it comes to traveling with your kid, the key is to be prepared for anything. As a consequence, your journey will go more smoothly, and you’ll be more likely to finish it if you don’t have to turn around because of an inopportune diaper blow-out or a hungry kid.

Diaper bag No. 30

Unfortunately, a standard bag will not suffice. Register for a suitable diaper bag, which will be simpler to clean and will include features such as a portable changing mat, bottle pockets, and wipe sections. There are several fashionable possibilities.

31. Automobile Seat

32. Pushchair

It’s really handy to have a car seat that snaps into your stroller and can subsequently be converted to a toddler seat without having to buy a new stroller.

Carrier, number 33

Wraps are great for newborns, but carriers can hold more weight and provide superior back support.



If there’s one area where we don’t want to cut corners, it’s on the health and safety of our children. With that said, there are a lot of useless goods on the market, and you don’t know what your kid will require just yet. You may always add things on a “need-to” basis later.

34. Monitor for the baby

Humidifier No. 35

These are useful to have on hand in case of nasal congestion since small infants only breathe through their nostrils.

36. Thermometer for babies


That brings us to the end of our simple baby registry! These baby registry must-haves, based on personal experience, can help you feel prepared for your newborn without going over budget or overloading your home with superfluous goods. It’s often simpler to add tiny items later after you’ve gotten to know your child’s individual requirements and preferences.

Congratulations on your new baby!

McCarthy, Michelle


This guest post was written by McCarthy, Michelle of Fresh Flowers + Spilled Milk. She is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and mom of 2. In 2019, Michelle, her sister, and her mom started a motherhood lifestyle blog and created an online printables store to help you “decorate + celebrate baby” with beautiful designs for nurseries, baby showers, and birthday parties. 

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