Before you buy your next CD, check out the American Express rates. They are currently up to 1.25% APY for 12-month CDs and 2.75% 24-month CDs!

The “american express cd rates today” is a rate that has been available for quite some time. Now, the rate has increased to 1.25% APY.

American Express CD Rates – Now up to 1.25% APY

[Update April 2022: Since the FED’s recent rate rise last month, Amex’s CD rates and high yield savings account rates have also increased. Only their 6- and 12-month short-term deposits remain unaffected.]

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With assets of little over $130 billion, American Express National Bank is the 25th biggest bank in the United States.

Most people know American Express as a credit card firm, but in 2008 it was permitted to become a commercial bank under the name American Express National Bank and has been a member of the digital banking industry ever since.

American Express National Bank has amassed over $78 billion in customer deposits in a remarkably short period of time.

A personal high return savings account and seven regular term CDs make up their current deposit account lineup (certificates of deposit).

Read our full evaluation of their personal savings account and certificate of deposit products below to learn more.


Rates on American Express CDs + Account Information

In 2022, American Express’s CD (certificate of deposit) rates are expected to climb. This year has witnessed a variety of rate modifications, with longer-term deposits seeing the most significant hikes.

CD Rates from American Express

6 months 0.10%
12 months 0.20%
18 months 0.90%
24 months 1.0%
36 months 1.15%
48 months 1.20%
60 months 1.25%

To put these rates in context, according to current FDIC statistics, the national average for a 12 month CD and a 60 month CD is only 0.15 percent and 0.24 percent APY, respectively.

American Express certificates of deposit still provide climbing rates with increasing periods, which means the longer you keep your money locked up, the better the interest you’ll get. While this is reasonable and anticipated under normal market circumstances, it is not the case with a number of online banks and credit unions at the moment.

To create and maintain an American Express CD, there is no minimum deposit or balance requirement. Any positive amount will earn the account’s set APY, and there will never be a fee. You must deposit monies within 30 days after receiving account approval.

Dividends are compounded every day and paid out once a month. Your interest will be paid back into your certificate account by default, but you may select to have it immediately transferred to your:

1) Personal Savings Account with American Express,

2) immediately deposited to a connected external account, or

3) Checks are sent to you on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

There are no partial withdrawals allowed. Because this bank’s early withdrawal restrictions are severe and the costs are hefty, it’s advisable to wait until your certificate expires or withdraw cash within the allowed timeframe. You have a 10-day grace period after issue to deposit extra money and make adjustments to your account following renewal. The following are all conceivable early withdrawal fees:

  • For periods of less than 12 months, there is a 90-day interest charge.
  • For durations of more than 12 months but less than 48 months, 270 days’ interest is charged.
  • For durations more than 48 months but shorter than 60 months, there is a 365-day interest period.
  • For durations longer than 60 months, interest accrues for 540 days.

Keep in mind that if your CD does not earn enough interest to cover the early withdrawal charge, American Express maintains the right to remove the difference from your principal.

Personal Savings Account Information + Annual Percentage Yield

American Express National Bank’s personal high return savings account has no monthly maintenance fees and no Maintaining a Minimum Balance or deposit restrictions. Because American Express Bank is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), all customer deposits are federally insured up to the statutory limitations.

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on an American Express Personal Savings Account

Maintaining a Minimum Balance APY
$0 0.50%

To put this offer in context, the current national average for savings accounts is just 0.06 percent annual percentage yield. However, certain online banks, such as Citi Accelerate, still offer somewhat higher APYs, but keep in mind that these accounts’ rates are variable and may alter at any moment without warning.

Fees, Maintaining a Minimum Balance Requirements, and Compounding Interest

The American Express Personal Savings account does not charge monthly maintenance fees nor does it require an average daily Maintaining a Minimum Balance. To earn the advertised interest rate and APY, you just need to maintain a balance of $1 or more.

There is no need for a minimum initial deposit, however accounts with a There is no minimum opening deposit required either, but accounts that remain with a $0 balance for 180 days will be closed. These flexible terms put this savings product within reach of just about anyone, regardless of net worth or income. balance for 180 days will be canceled. This savings program is accessible to almost anybody, regardless of net worth or income, thanks to its flexible conditions.

Dividends are compounded daily and paid to your account monthly on this high-yield account.

According to federal rule D, you may only make 6 withdrawals or deposits into this account every month.

What Is the Best Way to Open a Savings Account?

American-Express-Personal-Savings-Account-040-APY-055-APYThe online application is a four-step procedure that takes just a few minutes to complete.

The procedure for creating an account is quick and uncomplicated. To get started, go to the American Express Bank website and go to the high return savings account page (link above).

From here, click the blue “Apply” button to begin the four-step procedure, which should take no more than a few minutes. You’ll be able to retrieve your stored application here if you’ve already started the procedure.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Set up your account.
  2. Examining the terms and conditions.
  3. The account is being funded.
  4. Set up online access.

You’ll need the following information for step one:

  1. Date of birth and full name (drivers license)
  2. Address
  3. Number to call
  4. Email
  5. Number assigned by the Social Security Administration

When you get to step 3, you’ll need some information from the bank where you’ll be filling your savings account.

This data comprises the following:

  1. Bank routing number
  2. What is your account number?

You’ll be able to start earning interest on your balance after your account has been registered and financed. You will very certainly need access to these cash as time goes on. Learn more about how to access your account and keep track of your money in the sections below.

Getting to and Keeping Track of Your Money

American Express is presently testing the Amex App’s ability to access American Express Savings accounts (for credit cards). Customers with both an American Express Savings account (High Yield Savings or CD) and an American Express Card account who have successfully linked their accounts for one-click access are eligible to participate. Go here for details on how to set this up.

You’ll need to connect an external bank account to move money via their internet platform. You may connect up to three external bank accounts with American Express. This will take 3 or more business days if you do it via American Express. If you do it via the bank where the monies are being withdrawn, it will only take 1 or 2 working days.

American Express will make you modest micropayments (usually two) that you must approve in order to complete the synchronization of your accounts. You’ll be able to transfer or deposit dollars from or into your American Express savings account after this is accomplished. Keep in mind that fresh money usually take one to three business days to appear in your account.

Customer Satisfaction + Banking Experience

Because an American Express Personal Savings account does not come with an ATM card and there is no Amex checking account, you will be unable to withdraw or deposit cash from your savings account at in-network ATMs. So these ATMs are basically just for credit card holders.

Customer satisfaction with the digital bank is rather good. American Express Bank had a score of 4 out of 266 ratings on DepositAccounts. Many reviews go out of their way to praise the bank’s excellent customer service—helpful staff, reasonable wait times, simple processes, and so on—and to praise the bank’s user-friendly online banking interface. The majority of people have only positive things to say about the firm.

Call 1-(800)446-6307, fax 1-(800)-542-0779, or mail checks/correspondence to the following address to reach customer care, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Salt Lake City, Utah 84130 American Express National Bank P.O. Box 30384


The “discover cd rates” is a credit card that offers 1.25% APY on purchases and balance transfers for the first year. It has no annual fee, and it’s available to people with good or excellent credit.

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