A new review site that predicts which topics are likely to grow in popularity over the next few months. The topic list includes finances, politics, and more. It’s a no-nonsense website with quick insight into trending content across the internet.,

The “google trends” is a website that allows you to search for the most popular topics. The site has been growing in popularity, and it’s an easy way to find trending topics today.

Exploding Topics Review. Find Growing Topics Today.

Someone once remarked that the most precious commodity is accurate knowledge.

Especially if you’re a content producer or a company owner who wants to keep up with the latest trends.

Exploding themes is a tool that collects a lot of data and predicts what will be popular in a certain area.

I was curious about this technique when I first learned about it, so I spent some time developing the Exploding Topic Review that follows.

I’m sure you’re curious to see whether this will assist you with your company, so let’s get started.

Exploding Topics Review

Review of Exploding Topics – Summary

Exploding Ideas is a free tool that displays popular topics on the verge of becoming viral (pretty likely).

It’s an excellent resource for content writers looking for fresh ideas and concepts they’ve never heard of before. That stated, it functions similarly to brainstorming.

You will get a list of fast trading themes for a given week after signing up for a newsletter, each week on Tuesday.

What Are Exploding Topics and How Do They Work?

Because it is a tool, the questions should presumably be renamed What Is Exploding Topics.

A free and simple-to-use tool that displays you never-before-seen patterns.

What makes you think that?

First and foremost, some background information;

(I understand that history isn’t everyone’s favorite topic.) And neither was mine, but this will be informative and helpful in understanding what Exploding Topics is all about).

Brian Dean and his website Backlinko are undoubtedly recognizable to you. (It is my go-to resource for SEO-related knowledge.)

Brian Dean and Backlinko

While working on Backlinko, Brian began to see that something is lacking from the online world, something that would show people new trends.

There is a Google Trends, however it just displays what was popular at the time.

The concept was to predict what will be popular.

Brian and his team began developing such a tool/software in 2018 (early 2019). However, it led nowhere – it was a dead end.

“Every failure is a gift in disguise,” said Napoleon Hill, and thus he came upon trennd.co.

Exploding Topics Review

The goal of this program was to identify trends that were going to become popular in different areas, industries, or niches.

Josh Howarth created this website or tool, and it seemed to Brian to be almost ideal.

Exploding Topics Review

As a result, Brian approached trennd.co’s inventor (founder) and requested that he sell it.

They reached an agreement, and the first point of agreement was to modify the domain name.

This is something to keep in mind while planning your new website.


Make sure you use xyz.com when picking a new domain. Dot COM is still the king, and it’s simple to remember.

Check the availability of the domain name. If it’s already taken, you may have a two-word domain with a dash in between.

You may also opt for a particular domain name if you insist on it.

Simply ensure that the whole domain is simple to pronounce (and remember).

They eventually settled on the domain name explodingtopics.com.

The old site’s design was OK; it only needed a little “facelift.”

As you can see, not much has changed:

Exploding Topics Review

This new domain (explodingtopics.com) was registered in October 2019 and debuted on December 3rd of the same year.

Brian and Josh made a point of informing the crowd about the new tool. Among them were:

  • Existing Backlinko subscribers will get an email.
  • Tweet
  • Make contact with a few online publications.

On the first day, the website had over 20,000 visits. (It fell after a few days, but no significant traffic changes occurred.)

What Are Some Good Exploding Topics?

Exploding Topics Review

Of course, www.explodingtopics.com is the ideal site to look for exploding topics.

And if you’ve never heard of ExplosingTopics but are hunting for exploding subjects, you’ll probably end up at exploring topics as well.

For Whom Are Topics Being Exploded?

Exploding concepts, according to Dean Brian, is a terrific tool for bloggers looking for fresh ideas and requires some pondering.

Exploding Topics Review

If you’re a content producer seeking for themes that are soon to become popular but your competitors aren’t aware of them yet, this is the tool for you.

You may be aware with the concept of looking for low competition or low hanging keywords.

The goal of this kind of research is to uncover keywords with high search traffic and low competition, which means that not many websites utilize the same terms.

Exploding Topics Review

And Exploding Topics has just that kind of knowledge. Ideas, rather than precise terms. Then, inside that idea/niche, you might choose a seemingly wide term and generate content about it.

You might quickly rise in the rankings, and if your essay is well-written, it will be difficult for others to surpass you in the future.

In other words, you’ll have your material finished and ready to go before it reaches its peak popularity – which means it has the potential to become viral.

Of course, YouTubers will benefit from it as well.

In other words, any content writer who wishes to uncover hot subjects “before they take off” would find this tool quite valuable.

How Do You Make Exploding Topics Work for You?

It’s incredibly simple to use.

Simply visit the website and choose your preferred category and time range (from 1 month to 15 years).

Exploding Topics Review

It’s simple and fast, and there’s additional information on how to search for certain products and what to do with them below.

You may have previously used the tool. And if you have, you know that it simply takes a few minutes and that you will have a plethora of themes to choose from.

Can’t seem to locate our favorite category?

Exploding Topics Review

In the upper right-hand corner, choose Search.

Begin entering what you’re searching for, and you’ll see some possibilities below:

Exploding Topics Review

Choose a time range (15 years to 1 month) to discover how a certain category has changed over time. To have a clearer notion of what is coming up in the near future, choose 6 months or even a year.

Here’s an example: CoffeMaker:


To save time, just move your cursor over the recommendations and choose “open link in new tab” one by one by hitting the right button on your mouse.

Exploding Topics Review

You’ll have 8 new tabs open, and you’ll be able to rapidly determine which subject is most interesting/trending for you.

In the previous five years, it has been trending fairly well:

Exploding Topics Review

When we switch to 3 Months, however, we find a decrease.

Exploding Topics Review

As a result, it is most likely not a good subject (or even micro-niche).

Don’t worry; the “similar subjects” may be found by scrolling down.

Exploding Topics Review

VBM machines are becoming more popular. I had no clue what VBM Machine was, despite my interest in coffee machines and coffee.

Exploding Topics is unique in this regard.

It provides me suggestions for things I’ve never heard of but seems to be a popular subject.

I would absolutely focus on the VBM machines if I were writing about coffee machines (or if coffee is my speciality).

In the previous three months, it has been trending fairly nicely;

Exploding Topics Review

And, just to be sure, it looks fine over the previous six months.

Exploding Topics Review

Let’s go a little farther.

The quantity of Google searches is small, barely ten in this example. (The data is from the United States.)

That means it might still be a suitable subject for a rookie blogger or someone just getting started with their internet company.

And it may not be as intriguing for someone who has been in the company for a few years.

However, the rate of growth is rather fascinating, with a 334 percent rise in worldwide search in the previous year. The percentage rise in the past six months is 185 percent, as seen in the screenshot above.


Exploding Topics Review

So, after doing some more research, we discovered that the phrase (Keyword) turmeric coffee.

Where Do Data for Exploding Topics Come From?

The technology searches numerous sources for fresh information and highlights those with a high likelihood of becoming viral.

In other words, the information on explodingtopics.com is based on what people look for in search engines:

  • Google,
  • Bing/Yahoo,
  • DuckDuckGo,
  • as well as Amazon.

I’m now testing a couple particular keywords that this program suggested, which I had no clue existed.

So, to demonstrate you how it truly works, I’ll be updating this page on a regular basis.

Google Trends displays historical trends based on search results.


These figures are derived from what individuals typed into the Google search box.

You may choose a particular location to see what questions they had, such as in India. Google Trends, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

The future is “predicted” by Exploding Topics (in a certain sense). They indicate what is most likely to trend, not what was trending before.

Which one is your favorite?

Exploding Topics Review

To answer this question, you’ll probably need some Exploding Topics time.

In my view, you will utilize both since both programs provide excellent data, and you will use either Google Trends or Exploding Topics depending on your current project.

Conclusion on Exploring Topics

The examination of the burgeoning subject has covered a lot of ground.

You should now understand what Explosing Topics is, how to use it, and what its function is.

Is there anything more on your mind that wasn’t addressed? Please let me know in the comments area.

More information regarding Explosing Topics, as well as user experiences with other individuals, including mine, will be included.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve saved the tool. So if I need to generate fresh ideas, I know it will just take a few minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Mike

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