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This time, though, I’m going to look at a program called FlexClip. 

FlexClip is a free online video editor that enables you to create a business video in minutes. 

Review of FlexClip 2021: Make Stunning Online Videos in Minutes

FlexClip 2021 Review

Do you need a video for a YouTube advertisement, a corporate presentation, or a birthday celebration? Or do you work as a video blogger for a living? If that’s the case, you’ll need to create carefully designed images and graphics that will catch people’s attention.

This will need the use of expert equipment as well as a significant financial commitment. Aside from that, you’ll have to put in some effort since these tools aren’t always easy to use.

I used to think that video editing was a difficult job that required a lot of time, money, and expertise. As a video blogger, I’ve attempted to do some internet research on video editing software and tools. I discovered FlexClip after trying a number of programs with lengthy installation procedures, such as OpenShot, Movavi video suite, Camtasia, and others.

We’ll take a look at this fantastic online video creator in our review post.

Let me now tell you about my experiences with FlexClip in more detail. In this review, I’ll go through some of the FlexClip features that piqued my interest and may be useful to you as well.

What is FlexClip and how does it work?

FlexClip is the finest free online video editor for making personal and professional movies in minutes. Do you believe your PC will slow down if you use video editing software that requires a lot of processing power? Yes, it is correct. However, this is not the case here!

Flex Clip is entirely web-based and does not rely on the specifications of your PC. All you need is a good internet connection.

Let’s have a peek at some of FlexClip’s interesting features.

FlexClip is useful for a variety of reasons.

We often have to post pictures or videos to different forums and websites, but we sometimes get stuck because a certain video/photo format and size is required. We had to spend hours searching the internet for video converters.

Some video converters do not provide the necessary resolution, while others do not support the many formats we need. In such situations, we may use the following tool to fix our problems in a matter of seconds.

Free FlexClip Video Converter is the first feature.

FlexClip Video Converter isn’t just a video converter; it’s a lot more. FlexClip not only converts a variety of video and picture file types, including JPEG, MP4, MOV, PNG, and WEBM, but also enables you to choose custom sizes. You may modify your movies and pictures to suit the requirements of desktop, mobile, or tablet users, in addition to reducing video resolution.

The second feature is a royalty-free library.

Do you need video footage or would like to include music into your video? FlexClip offers a large collection of images, movies, and music that you may use to enhance your material. It’s entirely up to you whether you utilize it for marketing or video advertising. You do not need to be concerned about copyright. The library is totally free and updated on a regular basis. Nobody enjoys seeing static movies with no impact. Right? If you want to spice up your material, consider using special effects.

Motion graphics and special effects are the third feature.

To make your slides and presentations more consistent, you may use built-in transition effects. You may also use FlexClip’s motion effects to add moving pictures, words, and shapes to your movies to make them more interesting.

If you want to make a video CV to apply for a new job, you’ll have a lot of questions about where to begin. What effects should I use? Which colors will make you seem more professional?

What if I told you that FlexClip has a video creator that automatically creates professional-quality video resumes and presentations? In addition, the models have already included appropriate transitions and stock movies. What a joy it would be to discover such a feature. In many respects, your work will be made simpler. Right? That’s one of the things I like about FlexClip.

Pre-made video templates are the fourth feature.

You’ll receive a ready-made video with text compositions, transitions, effects, and more that’s relevant to the topic you choose. FlexClip has a variety of model types, including:

  • Social Media Video Template

Whether you’re an influencer or just want to share personal pictures and videos on a regular basis, you’ll need the right size and settings for your social media app feed. FlexClip provides social media templates with pop-ups, transitions, and popular music that are ready to use.

You may utilize the readymade infographic movie to show facts about your business or service if you want to create a customer review film to publish on social media, for example. Furthermore, using FlexClip, you can easily post your movies to social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Marketing video templates

Sales and conversions may be directly influenced by video advertising efforts. You may use Google AdWords to distribute your video advertisements on sites like Google and YouTube. However, you will need to make your own video advertisement for this. FlexClip has a large number of marketing video templates to choose from. You may quickly promote your company by creating a video ad and posting it online. More information on Google Adwords may be found here.


FlexClip 2021 Review

When you compare the pricing of this tool to that of other comparable editing software, you’ll see that it’s quite inexpensive. You may still utilize the basic functions of this finest editing software with the free plan.

But here’s when you should purchase the premium accounts:

Basic plan: for individuals who wish to make films for personal purposes such greeting cards, social media postings, and trip notes.

Plan Plus: If you’re a small company owner who wants to make videos for a variety of ad campaigns, marketing strategies, or if you’re a video blogger, the plus plan is for you.

Business: If you are a devoted video blogger or think your company has the potential to expand rapidly, you should definitely go with the business plan.


FlexClip is a fantastic online video editor that is suitable for users of all ability levels. It is simpler for anybody to make short films for advertising, business, graduation, party, festival, holiday, best time, best buddy, birthday, and so on, thanks to many resources for music, pictures, and video.

After you’ve used the tool for a while, you’ll see that it’s very simple to use. FlexClip is, without a doubt, the finest video editing program for novices. This means you won’t have to waste time looking for certain features, tools, or controls.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll be a master. Furthermore, ready-made templates will ensure that your work is collected. 

Now go ahead and give it a go!

FlexClip is a great tool for creating stunning online videos in minutes with just a few clicks. It’s easy to use and it’s FREE! Here’s how to use FlexClip: 1: Click on “FlexClip” in the toolbar and all the videos and music you need will be added to your library. 2: Click on “Play” and your video will appear. 3: Click on “FlexClip” and the video will automatically start playing. 4: Click on any of the controls in the toolbar to adjust the video and add effects such as music and text.. Read more about best video maker online and let us know what you think.

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