Elepreneurs is a new online business venture that launched in October 2016. Recently, they are being advertised for sale on various forums. This article is a critical review of Elepreneurs, and the 9 secrets they can’t tell you about.

Elepreneurs is a new trend in the online business world, a platform for entrepreneurs to share their expertise to help others in evaluating the viability of their business idea. The platform is a community of people who have found a way to leverage their knowledge and experience to help others.

Elepreneurs guarantee that you will be happier, healthier, and richer. Is Elepreneurs, on the other hand, a genuine opportunity or simply another MLM looking to enrich itself at the cost of its sales force?

Is Elepreneurship a Good Investment? Elepreneurs does not offer sufficient information to assess its potential. Elepreneurs should be approached with care due to their lack of transparency, bad internet reputation, and perplexing multi-level pay scheme.

Despite the fact that Elepreneurs does not offer enough information to assess its potential, I will show you nine reasons why you should not join Elepreneurs in this post.


Is Elepreneurship a Good Investment?

You may believe the Elepreneurs website sells happiness if you visit it. Elevate: The Smartest Coffee, the Elepreneurs’ main product, is claimed to make people happy.

Elevate isn’t the key to a happy life.

We’ll take a closer look at Elevate and its components in a minute. For the time being, it’s important to remember that Elepreneurs is offering the illusory prospect of a business opportunity.

It’s not a genuine opportunity, but it gives the impression of one.

Elepreneurs would give facts showing the opportunity was genuine if it provided a viable business. We’d also be able to double-check this information with third-party sources.

Elepreneurs provides very little information regarding their opportunity, which is deceptive.


An experienced businessperson wants to know the entire expenses, prospective revenue, and corporate rules that may affect the investment before making a decision.

Elepreneurs does not provide any of these services. In reality, it deliberately conceals the information we need to evaluate its potential. Elepreneurs should be avoided because of their lack of openness.

Why would you spend your time and money with a business that deliberately conceals the information you require?

Elepreneurs does not provide a genuine opportunity in my view, based on the company’s lack of openness, its reputation, and the reputation of the sector.

Why MLM Isn’t a Good Investment (Video).


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You Should Know These 9 Elepreneur Secrets.

  1. 1Elepreneurs is a network marketing firm (MLM).
  2. 2MLM is an out-of-date business concept in which the majority of participants lose money.
  3. 3Elepreneurs withhold critical information such as profits, expenditures, and business policies.
  4. 4Elepreneurs distributors, also known as Independent Elepreneurs, are self-employed. They are self-employed contractors.
  5. 5Independent Elepreneurs are not their own bosses; they must follow the company’s regulations.
  6. 6It’s believed that just around 1% of Independent Elepreneurs make money.
  7. 7 Most Independent Elepreneurs will lose money and leave within the first year, according to industry statistics.
  8. 8A significant amount of debt will be incurred by certain Independent Elepreneurs.
  9. As the predatory character of the business becomes more widely recognized, 9MLM is in rapid decline.


Elepreneurs is a multi-level marketing company.

Elepreneurs is a multi-level marketing business, or MLM, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Elepreneurs is a direct sales business, according to BusinessforHome.org. Elepreneurs, on the other hand, are not members of the Direct Selling Association and are not bound by the DSA Code of Ethics.

The phrase “direct sales” was used to characterize door-to-door salesmen who sold brushes, vacuum cleaners, and encyclopedias to consumers.

Retail sales were the exclusive emphasis of traditional direct sales businesses.

Their salespeople made a full-time living on selling. There was little to no emphasis on hiring or developing a sales force.

To guarantee that salespeople could make a full-time living from retail sales, territories were safeguarded.

A typical direct sales firm did not advertise a sales job as a “opportunity.”

Furthermore, salespeople who worked for a conventional direct sales firm were not paid for the pleasure of generating money for the company.

Another feature of the first direct sales business was that the sales force was extremely small, with just three or four levels.

A classic direct sales company’s sales force typically comprised a salesman, a local director, a regional director, and sometimes a national director. There were no more levels to be found.

The more levels a company’s salesforce has, the more money it makes off of its salespeople. The more difficult it is to make a full-time living just from retail sales.

MLMs like to refer to themselves as direct marketing businesses because of their bad image. The compensation plan, on the other hand, reveals the reality.

A multi-level business, or MLM, is one that features a multi-level compensation scheme.

Some businesses are classified as network marketing businesses, but if they include a multi-level compensation scheme, they are MLMs.

There are 12 tiers to the Elepreneurs compensation scheme. It’s a multilevel marketing company.


You are the client.

In an MLM like Elepreneurs, unlike a conventional direct sales business, the salesperson must pay the corporation for the right of earning money.

It soon becomes too expensive.

Elepreneurs are compensated.

If you track the money, you’ll see that Independent Elepreneurs have more money going out of their wallets than into theirs.

Furthermore, the more an Independent Elepreneur spends up front, the more money they will lose.

An Independent Elepreneur must first pay the business $49 to become a member.

Second, the Independent Elepreneur will need to purchase a starting kit. There are three different starting kits to select from: the Happy starter kit, the Happier starter kit, and the Happiest beginner kit, all of which cost $249, $499, and $999 respectively.

When an MLM provides three different starting kits, the most costly one is usually sold first. Only if the candidate cannot afford the $999 kit will the two less expensive kits be recommended.


You are the client!

We must also presume that starting kits are non-refundable since we don’t have access to the Elepreneurs’ business policy or Independent Elepreneurs agreement.

To put it another way, if you buy a starting kit, you own it. You can’t sell it back to the business if you change your mind.

Third, Elepreneurs must sign up for auto-ship, which will likely cost at least $100 each month.

DOSE, Elepreneurs’ main product, is a combination of Elevate coffee and XanthoMax. On Amazon, a month’s supply of DOSE costs $116.

As a result, a minimum auto-ship order will most likely cost about $116 + delivery.

Elepreneurs is mainly focused on auto-ship recruiting, according to a review published on BehindMLM.com.

Elepreneurs seduces its salesforce into purchasing excessive quantities of expensive goods by offering the promise of riches and opportunity.

That is the purpose of the Elepreneurs website’s feel-good marketing.

It’s all intended to convert you into a captive client who pays the business a large sum up front and then more money each month.

It is impossible to establish how much of the company’s income originates from its sales force without conducting an accounting audit.

However, decades of MLM data shows that most MLMs make the majority of their money by pushing their salespeople to purchase enormous quantities of overpriced goods.

Companies like Elepreneurs make millions while the salesmen lose money by pushing them to become the company’s largest clients.


Products for Elepreneurs.

Elepreneurs’ promise of having unique one-of-a-kind goods that can only be bought via Elepreneurs is critical to selling the illusion of opportunity.

If you think that, you may infer that the so-called opportunity is genuine and that joining the salesforce would provide you a competitive edge.

You may even think that Elepreneurs are the key to financial success.

It isn’t.

You’ll be fortunate if you don’t end yourself embarrassed and in debt if you attempt Elepreneurs’ so-called chance.


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The Elepreneurs product line comprises the following items:

  • DOSAGE (Elevate and XantoMax bundled together)
  • Elevate is a smarter coffee brand.
  • XanthoMax
  • KetoCre
  • Patch of Extreme Energy
  • Patches for Sound Sleep
  • Patch to Prevent Hangovers
  • Pure 2.0
  • Skincare that has stood the test of time
  • Elier Mud is a fictional character created by Elier Mud
  • Serum Elier


Magic Coffee & Happiness.

The DOSE product package, which includes Elevate: The Smarter Coffee and XanthoMax, is Elepreneurs’ main product.

Elepreneurs says that when these items are used together, they will make you joyful.

Elevate is instant coffee infused with an unique trace supplement mix. XanthoMax is a combination of Xanthohumol, Turmeric, and caffeine that is exclusive to XanthoMax.

You’ll never know whether you’re receiving what you paid for or how much, if any, active components are in the product since it’s a proprietary mix.

Elevate is sold separately on Amazon for approximately $70 for 30 servings. XanthoMax costs about $52 for 30 pills.

These items are exorbitantly priced, and you have no idea what you’re receiving for your money.

XanthoMax, on the other hand, includes an unknown quantity of Xanthohumol and costs $52 for 30 capsules.

Swanson Xanthovital Standardized Hop Extract, a rival brand available on Amazon, has 50mg of Xanthohumol and costs $8.56 for 30 capsules.

This enormous pricing disparity raises concerns.

Why is XanthoMax six times the price of its closest competitor’s product?

When you pay $52 for a $8 product, what exactly are you getting?


Coffee that is magical.

Elevate: Each 4-ounce serving of Smarter Coffee costs about $2.50. One teaspoon of dry powder equals one serving, which is mainly instant coffee.

Coffee, Sunflower lecithin, PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCI), Cocoa, Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, L-Theanine, Caffeine, A-GPC (Alpha-Glyceryl Phoshoryl Choline), Bacopa Monnieri Extract, Kucha Tea Leaf Extract, Cocoa Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Chromium Chromium Chromium Chromium Chromium Chrom

How much of the magical ingredients may be included in a one-teaspoon serving if it’s mainly instant coffee powder? Probably not much more than a smidgeon.

A dosage of Sunflower lecithin is between 1 and 35 grams per day, according to drugs.com. 1 gram is 14 teaspoon at the very least.

A single dosage of L-Theanine is 250mg, or.05 teaspoon, according to the same source.

PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCI) dosage is disputed, ranging from 300mg to 1 gram. A gram is about a quarter of a teaspoon.

We can tell that Elevate may not have a sufficient quantity of any of the three components just by looking at their doses.

Sunflower lecithin, by the way, costs approximately 3 cents per serving. PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCI) costs approximately 7.5 cents per serving and L-Theanine costs about 7 cents per serving.

Elevate is a pricey instant coffee based on these results.

So-called smart coffee offers nothing new or unusual. It’s been around for a long time, and many MLMs provide a similar service.

When you search for smart coffee or nootropic coffee on Amazon, you’ll find Elevate Smart Coffee, as well as hundreds of other products.

Many of Elevate’s competitors sell for less than half the price.


Possibly dangerous.

Elevate: The Smarter Coffee lists PEA (Beta Phenylethylamine HCI) as an ingredient. PEA, according to WebMD.com, is potentially hazardous for the majority of individuals.

PEA is comparable to the stimulant amphetamine and may produce similar adverse effects, such as fast heart rate, anxiety, and agitation, according to WebMD.

PEA is not known to be safe for pregnant or nursing women, according to WebMD. Additionally, PEA may cause bipolar illness sufferers to become manic.

PEA has also been found in studies to aggravate schizophrenia and cause hallucinations and delusions.

Complaints about products.

You’ll discover lots of user reviews on Amazon if you search for Elevate coffee, DOSE, XanthoMax, or any other Elepreneurs product.

Overall, the product received positive feedback, with ratings ranging from three to four stars. Some of the favorable reviews may be from Independent Elepreneurs who are attempting to improve the product’s rating.

On average, approximately a quarter of all product reviews are negative. Despite being favorable, several of the reviews expressed dissatisfaction with the price or the fact that the items only lasted a short time.

It’s hardly unexpected that the product’s efficacy is restricted. Any stimulant or mood-enhancing substance will adapt to the human body.

Experts in the usage of nootropics advise that they be taken only on occasion to maintain the body’s efficiency.

On Amazon, I discovered complaints regarding DOSE that included allergic reactions and irritation.

Many individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with the coffee’s flavor and said that it caused them headaches.

Many people also expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing, claiming that it was not worth it.

Some customers claimed that the product made them feel sick and fatigued, or that it did not perform as expected.

It allegedly kept one individual up for three days and disturbed his stomach.

Some individuals said in their reviews that they bought the goods on Amazon to avoid being drawn into the MLM scheme.

MLMs are hated, as shown by the remarks about avoiding them.


Elepreneurs have a bad rep.

The company’s bad reputation is consistent with the product concerns.

When looking for Elepreneurs complaints on Google, the top result was the Better Business Bureau listing for Elevacity, Elepreneurs’ sister business.

Elevacity’s connection with Elepreneurs is a little muddled. Elevacity seems to be the product supplier, while Elepreneurs looks to be the sales force.

Elepreneurs and Elevacity are both owned by Sharing Services Inc., a holding corporation. Robert Oblon, the company’s creator, is in charge, together with Frank Walter and Jordan Brock.

Elevacity’s BBB page mentions that the company’s alternate name is Elepreneurs and gives it a C grade.

Elevacity/Elepreneurs has had 79 complaints and 22 reviews from the Better Business Bureau in the last three years.

The business has settled 51 of the claims, and the information have been deleted.

There were also concerns about how difficult it is to cancel auto-ship and about bad customer support, in addition to issues about the goods.

There were also complaints about credit cards being charged without permission and not receiving a promised refund.

Is it a complete ruse?

Laura H. stated that Elepreneurs is a total fraud in a series of comments on the BehindMLM.com assessment of the business.

Laura H. claims to have worked as an Independent Elepreneur but was not compensated for her earnings. Her upline and downline have both quit the business, according to her.

“If you’re searching for an opportunity, I wouldn’t suggest Elepreneurs at all,” Laura wrote. I’ve lost a lot of money.”

Soloman T. claimed in the same comment thread that his wife was also an Independent Elepreneur who was not given commissions or incentives she earned.

Dr. Will left a remark on BehindMLM that I believe exposes a disturbing reality about MLM in general and Elepreneurs in particular.

According to Dr. Will, I’m a nutrition expert, and I can tell you that Elepreneurs’ expensive coffee is a waste of money. MLM marketing is essentially packaged psychopathy.


Income Disclosure Statement for Elepreneurs

A member business must offer the information needed to assess their potential, according to the Direct Selling Association Code of Ethics.

Edith Ramirez, the former FTC Chairwoman, has said that a genuine MLM must properly describe its business opportunity as well as how much a member is likely to make.

Elepreneurs fall short on both counts.

“The typical participant in a direct selling company makes between $500 and $1000 per year,” according to the Elepreneurs Income Disclosure Statement, which is based on an unproven estimate.

This allegation isn’t true, despite how pitiful it is. The reality is much more bleak.

According to comprehensive industry data, the typical direct selling company participant never makes a profit and, in fact, loses money.

Dr. Jon Taylor’s study, which was published on the FTC website, indicates that just around 1% of individuals who attempt an MLM opportunity make a profit.

Over 98% of people lose money.

In late 2017, Elepreneurs was established. It has two years’ worth of data on commissions and bonuses earned by its sales staff.

For a reason, Elepreneurs does not disclose how much money its Independent Elepreneurs make.

Most likely, this is because an actual income disclosure statement would show that the Elepreneurs offer isn’t genuine.


Compensation Plan for Elepreneurs

The Elepreneurs Compensation Plan is designed to make a recruit so enthusiastic about the possibility that she joins for $49, purchases the $999 starting kit, and enrolls in a $100+/month auto-ship.

From then, the remuneration plan is utilized to keep reselling the dream of possibility and emotionally bonding the Independent Elepreneur to the business.

Even if they are obviously losing money, an Independent Elepreneur who is emotionally attached to the business would continue to purchase overpriced goods each month.

It is important to note that the Elepreneurs Compensation Plan is not a legal instrument. It’s a marketing piece designed to sell the opportunity.

The compensation plan is often presented as evidence of the amount of money that may be earned with the chance. This is deceptive.

The compensation plan is a hypothetical representation of what a person MIGHT earn if they jump through all of the hoops, purchase all of the goods, and play the game for long enough.


The Elepreneurs Opportunity’s Final Word

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a 1940s-era business strategy that is obsolete and ineffective.

This is the twenty-first century. MLM is a dormant dinosaur on the verge of extinction.

MLM has always promised opportunity, but for the most majority of individuals, it has always given false hope, humiliation, and debt.

Failure is built into the MLM pay scheme for the rank and file salesmen.

The business and a few MLM pros at the top of the salesforce are the only ones who benefit from MLM. Elepreneurs are the same way.

Smart coffee is nothing new, and neither is the secret, proprietary recipe used in Elevate: The Smarter Coffee.

Elepreneurs are distinguished by their exorbitant pricing.

Making money selling overpriced goods becomes difficult when potential consumers may discover much cheaper alternatives online.

If you do manage to locate a client, keep in mind that they may not be a long-term customer.

Elepreneurs is also focusing on new member recruiting and sales of starting kits and auto-ship. Recruiting is a tough process.

Hundreds of rival MLMs are attempting to accomplish the same thing.

Many of the rival MLMs offer an improved instant coffee product as well.

MLM is in decline, as if recruitment wasn’t difficult enough. MLM has been exposed for what it is on the internet, and most individuals do not want anything to do with it.

Anyone may now view the FTC’s study and see for themselves that the so-called MLM opportunity is not genuine.

According to industry data, you may expect to spend more than $1000 and never make a profit if you join Elepreneurs.

After a few months, you’ll most likely drop out with nothing but a credit card debt and damaged personal relationships to show for your efforts.

The Elepreneurs chance may be for you if you like wasting money and purchasing expensive instant coffee that tastes terrible.

If you want to earn money as quickly as possible, I recommend looking into affiliate marketing.

You may work from anywhere with an internet connection as an affiliate marketer and sell almost anything to anybody on the globe.

You’re the one in charge. You are not have to jump through hoops or play stupid games, nor are you required to run after your pals.


This is your best chance.

Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, provides the greatest opportunity for most individuals to achieve financial independence.

Success in every pursuit requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Affiliate marketing is the same way.

The internet, on the other hand, provides an opportunity. As an affiliate marketer, you earn from the internet.

Starting an affiliate marketing company, unlike MLM and Elepreneurs, is simple and inexpensive.

All you need is around $50 per month to start a successful company with limitless earning possibilities.

No one is recruited by an affiliate marketer. Instead, she creates a website that produces revenue 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s all about working less hours and making more money.

If you have the desire, anybody who can browse the internet and send an email may thrive as an affiliate marketer.

The key is to obtain the appropriate training, gain the required abilities, and have faith in the process.

I teach you how in my FREE coaching.


A fantastic course. Complete all of the training. If you’re stuck, ask for help. Complete all of the lessons. It’s both fascinating and gratifying.

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You can always make money online if you have fundamental affiliate marketing abilities and the courage to put them into practice.

I can’t think of a more useful collection of abilities.

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