Mark Skousen is a financial theorist, and he is the author of six books on the economy. His best-known work is The Ultimate History of American Slang (2002), which compiled and arranged the slang terms that have been used in the United States. Skousen’s books have been reviewed in publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and The Economist. Prior to devoting his career to economic research, Skousen was a certified public accountant.

Mark Skousen is an independent economist who has been making long term forecasts since the 1960s. He has been meticulously documenting his forecasts since 1984 when he started his website Skousenomics . See the long term track record here:

In this blog post, I will be discussing the forecasts and strategies that Mark Skousen has presented in his latest book, The Making of a Modern Economist.

Hello and welcome to my review of Mark Skousen’s Forecasts & Strategies.

While researching various services offered by several of Mark Skousen’s Eagle Products, LLC colleagues, I came across this advice service.

Mark discusses topics like gold investment, dividend income, and how to build long-term wealth during his Forecasts and Strategies lecture.

It was really educational for me. So I decided to research the service, find out who Mark Skousen is, and see whether it’s worth subscribing.

And I’ll show you what I discovered in this review.

What Is Forecasts & Strategies?

Forecasts & Strategies is a monthly advisory service run by Dr. Mark Skousen that provides insights, forecasts, and recommendations on the economy and financial markets.

The service is published by Eagle Products, and Mark has been editing it since 1980, making it one of the longest-running newsletter services I’ve seen. Mark claims that the knowledge he provides is the conclusion of his whole career, which, as I’ll explain later, is very substantial.

Mark gives you his take on interest rates, monetary policy, inflation, and what’s going on in the globe every month to keep you updated. He also offers precise advice on how to both preserve and increase your money.

His picks span a wide variety of asset classes and industries, but they’re targeted at long-term value investors seeking a mix of growth and income.

Stocks, precious metals, income investments, mutual funds, overseas investments, and real estate, for example, are among his recommendations.

In my mind, the thing about Forecasts & Strategies, apart from many other services I’ve reviewed, is that it’s designed to help you profit in virtually any type of market.

The monthly newsletters aren’t only about providing you fresh stock choices; they’re also about keeping you informed about what’s going on in the world and helping you safeguard your money.

You’ll also get access to the “weekly hotline” and quarterly conference calls, which will keep you informed about the model portfolios. As a result, it’s a rather complete service.

What is Mark Skousen’s background?

Dr. Mark Skousen is best known for being an award-winning economist and the editor in chief of the Forecasts and Strategies weekly service, which he founded in 1980.

Mark, according to his website, has a solid academic background, particularly in economics. In the late 1970s, he received his Ph.D. in monetary economics from George Washington University and went on to teach economics at a number of renowned institutions throughout the country, including Chapman University, where he is currently a Presidential Fellow.

Mark has also been named one of the top 20 most important living economists, and he has won many honors for his work.

One of his economics books, for example, received the Choice Book Award for Outstanding Academic Title in 2009. He won the Triple Crown in Economics in 2018. In 2019, he received Chapman University’s “My Favorite Professor” Award.

In recognition of his contributions to economics and finance, Grantham University established a business school after him, The Mark Skousen School of Business.

But he’s not only renowned for his academic accomplishments.

Mark has worked as a consultant for some of the world’s most well-known Fortune 500 businesses. Hutchinson Technology and IBM are among them. Mark Skousen was a Central Intelligence Agency analyst before entering the field of financial education (CIA).

He’s also a part of Freedom Fest, a multi-day event that takes place every year in Las Vegas. Finance, geopolitics, entrepreneurship, and increasing liberty are all on the table.

But Forecasts & Strategies is a top-rated investment advisory service. It has been running for over 40 years now, so this is probably what he’s best known for outside of academia.

Aside from Forecasts & Strategies, Mark contributes to other services published by Eagle Products, LLC, including Home Run Trader, Fast Money Alert, Five Star Trader, and TNT Trader.

He also speaks at conferences all around the globe on occasion. For example, in a (relatively) recent MoneyShow video about dividend investing, he said:


What Are Mark Skousen’s Publications?

Over the years, Mark Skousen has written over 25 books on finance and economics, with more than a dozen of them being best sellers.

A list of his best-selling financial books follows:

  • On a shoestring budget, high finance (1981)
  • The Complete Financial Privacy Guide (1983)
  • Scrooge Investing is a company founded by Ebenezer Scrooge (1995)
  • Putting Money Into One Lesson (2007)
  • The Wall Street Maxims (2011)
  • Down Wall Street, a Viennese Waltz (2013)

Here are some of his best-selling economics books:

  • The Production Structure (1990)
  • Putting Economics to the Test (1991)
  • Economic Puzzles and Paradoxes (1997)
  • Economic Reasoning (2000)
  • The Evolution of Economic Thought (2001)
  • In economics, the Big Three (2007)
  • EconoPower is an acronym for “Economic Power” (2008)

He also finished Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography with the assistance of his wife, Jo Ann, and has written for publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.

What is the track record of Mark Skousen?

Dr. Mark Skousen has suggested “hundreds of double- and triple-digit wins,” according to his website, which might have helped you convert $10,000 into $287,000.

Here are a few of Mark’s suggestions:

  • 850 percentage point (automotive company)
  • 410 percentage point (Boss Industries)
  • 390 percent of (fracking analytics company)
  • 280 percentage points (Compact Power Technology)
  • 307 percent (Softtouch Medical Holdings)
  • 240 percentage points (aviation company)
  • 220 percent (one of the largest trucking firms in the United States)
  • 210 percentage points (Hydratect)

I couldn’t find a list of all of Mark’s recommendations since the service began in 1980. Therefore, the above examples are just the ones shown on the Forecasts & Strategies presentation.

I did learn about several of his “macro” predictions, which helped his subscribers escape big market declines. This is an important aspect of Mark’s service; he doesn’t only provide stock selections; he also gives frequent updates on the economy and markets.

Mark, for example, outlines his ten most significant predictions from the early 1980s through 2009 on one of his websites. Here are a few of his most important predictions:

  • He anticipated the stock market collapse of 1987 six weeks ahead of time.
  • He predicted that the 1990s would be the greatest decade for US equities in history, with the NASDAQ doubling and then doubling again, which it happened.
  • He anticipated that gold will rebound before soaring in early 2020.

Mark doesn’t seem to have the same “high-flying” returns as other of the industry’s investment experts. For example, Teeka Tiwari, Jeff Brown, Louis Navellier, and Ian King.

That may be due to the fact that his service isn’t limited to stock selections. Instead, it’s about assisting subscribers in becoming more knowledgeable about financial markets, geopolitics, and the economy.

In addition, the service is intended to help you safeguard your assets while simultaneously generating income from high-quality dividend stocks. As a result, his suggestions are more well-rounded in this regard, and are geared toward more cautious investors looking to create long-term wealth.

Mark Skousen’s Predictions for 2021

As he does every year, Mark is now suggesting a variety of equities. However, as of this writing in 2021, one of his major forecasts is to invest in gold.

The presentation he uses to promote the Forecasts & Strategies is titled “Alpha-Gold” and talks about one of Mark’s latest stock recommendations in the gold space.

And, according to the presentation, just one stock might help you retire:

Even if you just catch a sliver of this new bull market, you may be able to retire with only one gold stock.

The stock’s name isn’t mentioned in the presentation.

You need to read Mark’s special report titled “The “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap: Make Up to 10X or More with My #1 Gold Play” which you can only get by joining Forecasts & Strategies.


The presentation has many hints, thus it was very simple to figure out.

Here are some of the most important hints:

This company’s CEO may very well be “the most fascinating guy on the planet.”

He was born and raised in South Africa, where he went on to play professional rugby.

Kinross Gold Corp (TSX:K) bought his business for $3.5 billion in 2007.

It has gone from being a junior miner with little output to being the owner of four gold-producing mines, with a fifth on the way, since its IPO in 2007.

It has rapidly risen to become the world’s lowest-cost senior gold producer. But it’s just the beginning.

This “Alpha-Gold” firm claimed record profits and output… In one recent quarter, gold output increased by 15%, while revenue increased by 31% to $442 million.

This year, it is on track to generate over one million ounces of gold.

I think Mark Skousen’s “#1 Gold Play” is B2Gold, based on these indications (BTG).

B2Gold, according to its website, is a low-cost worldwide senior gold manufacturer based in Canada that was established in 2007.

From the hints about the company’s founder (Clive Johnson) to the quarterly revenue (June 2020 quarter), production estimates, and more, everything fits.

Of course, this is just an educated assumption. You’d have to read his “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap report to find out for sure. This also includes Mark’s whole analysis of the business.

How much money does Mark Skousen have?

As far as I can determine, Mark Skousen’s net worth is not publicly accessible. Some websites claim he is worth millions of dollars, while others claim he is worth less than a million dollars. The truth is that only Mark and others with whom he communicates this knowledge are aware of it.

He is a successful author, investor, and economist in any case.

How Does Forecasts & Strategies Work?

The main benefit of joining the Forecasts & Strategies service is the monthly newsletters.

As previously said, they provide you with Mark Skousen’s most recent insights on the economy and markets, as well as precise recommendations to help you build your wealth.

On top of this, you get access to all of Mark’s active recommendations that he shares with members of Forecasts & Strategies in the model portfolios.

Mark doesn’t simply have one portfolio, as his colleagues Bryan Perry and Bob Carlson do with their Cash Machine and Retirement Watch services.

He spreads his suggestions over a variety of portfolios.

One of his most popular portfolios, for example, is dubbed “The Flying Five,” which takes just five minutes to follow each month and, according to Mark, has outperformed the market for the last decade.

Some of his suggestions are more growth-oriented, while others are more income-oriented. As a result, you may select what works best for you.

Aside from monthly newsletters and model portfolios, members also get weekly and quarterly updates on their portfolios, as well as real-time market information as required.

Between monthly issues, the Weekly Hotlines bring you up to date on what’s going on in the model portfolio and provide insight into possibilities Mark is presently investigating.

The “Live Quarterly Conference Calls” are similar to the “Live Quarterly Conference Calls,” except they also enable you to ask questions.

Finally, depending on the page of the website you join up for and whatever membership level you choose, you will have access to a variety of extra reports.

As of writing, there are three membership options (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Elite). Each one lasts for 12 months and gives you access to the same Forecasts & Strategies service; the difference is how much you pay and which bonus reports you get.

The Gold membership costs $49.95 and includes no bonus reports, the Platinum membership costs $77 and includes five bonus reports, and the Diamond Elite membership costs $149 and includes six reports.

The extra reports that come with the Platinum and Diamond Elite memberships are as follows:

  • The “Alpha-Gold” Roadmap: 10X or More Profits with My #1 Gold Play!
  • 5 No-Load Wealth Creators: Getting Rich with Mutual Funds and ETFs
  • The Five Favorite High-Income Growth Stocks of Dr. Skousen
  • How the SS-4 Income Stream Can Help You Become America’s Next Millionaire
  • Forecasts & Strategies Quick Start Guide
  • With a secure retirement account, you can protect and grow your retirement (Diamond Elite only)

Mark Skousen’s top gold investment, according to the initial report, may help you earn 10X or more in the future years. Which I believe to be B2Gold.

The next papers will discuss how to make money from investments. Mark explains how to earn dividends using mutual funds, ETFs, and growth companies, as well as the ones he recommends. He also reveals his one-of-a-kind approach to investing in tiny companies.

The sixth report is a how-to guide for getting started. You may not need it, but if you’re new to investing or want a refresher on Mark’s methods, this may be useful.

The sixth report, available exclusively to Diamond Elite subscribers, is all about safeguarding and increasing your retirement savings.

Who Should Join Forecasts & Strategies?

Dr. Mark Skousen’s suggestions and observations may help anybody.

His service, on the other hand, is geared for cautious investors seeking to preserve their assets and receive a consistent income via dividends.

It’s also more suited to those who desire a diversified portfolio across asset classes, since he suggests a variety of investments other than equities.

Another difference between this service and many others I’ve examined is that it focuses on providing you with a month-by-month analysis of the economy and markets. Most stock advice firms simply break down whomever is running it’s current stock recommendation.

It’s great if you’re searching for professional commentary on subjects like monetary policy, inflation, and the economy outside of the mainstream media.

Finally, it is appropriate for individuals seeking a low-cost service. Some of Mark’s other services are more costly, so if you’re on a tight budget, this is a fantastic place to start.

Is Forecasts & Strategies Legitimate?

Forecasts & Strategies is definitely a legitimate service.

It has been in operation for almost 40 years and is led by one of the world’s most renowned economists and market gurus. Mark Skousen has one of the most impressive resumes in the field of financial education. He’s not just the genuine thing, but he’s also well-liked.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included with the service. So you can try it out for a month and get your money back if you don’t like it.

So it isn’t a ruse. However, just because Mark has a good track record and his business is genuine doesn’t imply you’ll make money or that all of his suggestions will be beneficial to you. Investing is hazardous, and no one can foretell what will happen in the future.

This is something I believe is critical to remember.

Because just because Mark has made numerous accurate predictions over the last four decades doesn’t mean you’ll benefit from his advice in the future. As a result, you should always do your own study before determining whether or not his suggestions are worthwhile.


Forecasts & Strategies is a monthly advisory service run by Mark Skousen of Eagle Products, LLC. The service provides you with insights, forecasts, and recommendations on the economy and financial markets and has been around since 1980.

Overall, based on what I’ve seen, I believe it’s definitely worth investigating if you want to learn how to preserve and increase your money via the stock market. I also believe it’s worth checking out to learn from Mark’s monthly observations.

However, if you’re seeking for a faster-paced service that suggests smaller, higher-risk/higher-reward companies, this is definitely not the best option. Consider the kinds of possibilities suggested in services like Technology and Opportunity or Innovation Investor, which I’ve evaluated.

So I suppose it all depends on what you’re after.

In any event, I hope you found this useful, regardless of your decision. Also, feel free to leave a remark below if you have any comments on this service.

A number of economists are predicting a worldwide depression, and the United States might be the first to feel the pain. What are the odds of a depression, and what will it look like? Over the next year or so, we’ll be looking at Mark Skousen’s predictions, and how they’re playing out, to see which ones are most likely to come true.. Read more about mark skousen stock investor articles and let us know what you think.

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