Seeking Alpha vs. Benzinga Pro 2022
Two of the most popular options for U.S.-focused investors and traders, SeekingAlpha (www.seekingalpha) and BenzingaPro (www.benzingapro). In this article we compare these two websites to see which is best suited for your trading needs in terms of depth, breadth of information sources, ease-of-navigation on mobile devices/instructions how to use site that suit you best

The “seeking alpha review” is a website that compares financial news on a daily basis. It includes articles, podcasts and videos from Seeking Alpha and Benzinga Pro.

Seeking Alpha vs. Benzinga Pro 2022

Alpha Requirement and Pro Benzinga should be on your list if you’re searching for a robust stock screener. These two firms both provide excellent market research tools, but each was designed for a certain sort of investor.

We’ll set these two market research heavyweights against one other in this Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga comparison. We’ll examine each company’s benefits, drawbacks, and features to help you determine which is the greatest fit for your requirements.

Overview of Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga

When it comes to market research software, Alpha Requirement and Pro Benzinga are two of the most popular options. To begin our comparison, let’s take a deeper look at each organization.

Alpha Requirement’s Background

Alpha Requirement is a market research firm founded by David Jackson, a former financial analyst, in 2004. The company has grown to become one of the world’s biggest financial research firms, with over 10 million registered users.

Alpha Requirement provides many subscription services to assist investors make the most of their holdings. Each membership has its own set of benefits, but the majority of them contain stock screeners, hundreds of independent opinion pieces, and other research tools. To understand more, read our Alpha Requirement review in its entirety.

Seeking-Alpha-Review-2021-Features-Pros-and-ConsAlpha Requirement is the source for this information.

Pro Benzinga Information

Jason Raznick launched Benzinga, a stock market research and news portal, in 2010. Pro Benzinga, the company’s premium membership service, is a popular method for investors to stay up to date on the newest market trends.

Investors may use Pro Benzinga to access a number of research tools, including stock screeners and independent analyst ratings. Pro Benzinga also includes a social network where you may exchange ideas with other traders. To discover more, read our complete Pro Benzinga review.

How Do Alpha Requirement and Pro Benzinga Work?

Both Pro Benzinga and Alpha Requirement operate on a subscription basis. Before you join up, be sure you understand how each firm operates.

Alpha Requirement

Traders interested in using Alpha Requirement first need to sign up for an account. You can make an account on the company’s website by creating your log-in credentials and paying for your subscription plan.

After your subscription is up and running, you can navigate to your Alpha Requirement dashboard. Here, you can sign up for the company’s financial newsletters, research your next investment opportunities, and use the company’s portfolio management tools.

Pro Benzinga

Pro Benzinga is also a subscription-based platform. If you want to use Pro Benzinga, you need to head to the company’s website, sign up for an account, and pay for a subscription plan.

You can start using all of the features that come with your subscription after you’ve set up your account. For example, you may create customised stock news alerts, talk with other investors in specialized chat rooms, and use the company’s stock screeners and scanners to study possible investments.

Benzinga-Pro-Review-2022-Features-Pros-and-ConsSource: Pro Benzinga

Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga: Main Features

When you subscribe to either Alpha Requirement or Pro Benzinga, you unlock a host of market research features. Here’s an overview of the main features you can expect from each company.

Alpha Requirement

Alpha Requirement currently offers three subscription plans for investors to choose from, including:

  • Basic – Alpha Requirement Basic is a free subscription plan that comes with limited access to the company’s tools. Subscribers to this plan can read blog articles, sign up for newsletters, link brokerage accounts, get personalized stock news updates, and access five years of corporate financial statements.
  • Premium – When you sign up for Alpha Requirement Premium, you get everything in the Basic plan plus access to full company financials, stock screeners, and enhanced stock metrics. 
  • Pro – With Alpha Requirement Pro, you can access all Premium features plus exclusive newsletters, an advertisement-free dashboard, a VIP concierge service, and the PRO investing ideas screener.

The Alpha Requirement subscription plan that you sign up for will dictate which features you have access to in your account. Popular Alpha Requirement features include:

  • Portfolio Management – All subscribers can link their brokerage accounts to their Alpha Requirement dashboard for easy portfolio management and personalized news alerts.
  • Investing Ideas – Alpha Requirement has a slew of tools that help you find new investing ideas. This includes newsletters and thousands of analyst blogs, plus stock screeners and stock ideas lists. Note that most of these features require a Pro or Premium subscription.
  • Market Research – With Alpha Requirement, you get various market research tools like a stock comparison feature, unique stock ranking metrics, company financials, and earnings forecasts. Keep in mind that most of these features require a Premium or Pro subscription plan.
  • Marketplace – Every Alpha Requirement account holder can access the firm’s marketplace where independent financial experts offer additional investing services, such as exclusive chat rooms, special webinars, and premium newsletters. However, most of these services require an extra fee on top of your subscription plan.
  • Educational Resources – All Alpha Requirement account holders can access the company’s extensive library of educational resources. This includes hundreds of videos and podcasts as well as informational articles to help you learn more about investing.

1638818671_721_Seeking-Alpha-Review-2021-Features-Pros-and-ConsAlpha Requirement is the source for this information.

Pro Benzinga

When you sign up for a Pro Benzinga account, you have three subscription packages to choose from:

  • Basic – Pro Benzinga’s entry-level subscription package, the Basic plan, includes features such as Movers, Scanners, Watchlists, Calendars, Newsfeeds, and Stock Alerts. That said, a Basic plan only provides you with Nasdaq Basic delayed price quotes.
  • Essential – The Essential plan from Pro Benzinga includes everything that you get with the Basic plan plus Audio Squawk, Newsdesk chat, Signals, and Nasdaq Basic real-time quotes.
  • Options Mentorship – For investors interested in options trading, Pro Benzinga offers an Options Mentorship package. This includes all the features of an Essential plan as well as the Options Activity Add-On, It also comes with trading mentorship, a dedicated chat room, and regular market overview sessions with experienced investor Nic Chahine.

Pro Benzinga offers a smorgasbord of features for investors to enjoy. Some of the company’s most powerful features include:

  • Stock News Alerts & Newsfeed – All subscribers can create customizable real-time market news alerts. You can also create a real-time newsfeed that gives you a stream of market updates from top news outlets.
  • Stock Calendars – Pro Benzinga’s Stock Calendars give you a quick overview of upcoming important events, such as IPOs, mergers, and stock splits, which could affect assets in your portfolio or watchlists.
  • Chat Room – With Pro Benzinga’s Chat Room, all subscribers get convenient access to an investing-themed social network. Options mentorship subscribers also have access to an exclusive channel with investing guru Nic Chahine.
  • Stock Screener & Scanner – The Pro Benzinga Stock Screener is a powerful way for Essential and Options Mentorship subscribers to quickly find potential investment opportunities using fundamental stats or technical metrics. Basic plan subscribers can also use the company’s user-friendly Scanner feature to find new investments.
  • Watchlists – All subscribers to Pro Benzinga can create customizable watchlists. Although you can’t link your brokerage account to the platform, you can manually add your assets to a watchlist and get breaking news alerts for your stocks.
  • Signals — For Essential and Options Mentorship customers, Signals is a subscription service that provides real-time alerts concerning key market occurrences like block transactions and price surges. Option Mentorship users also get access to Signals, which provide options trading-related alerts.
  • Movers – Every Pro Benzinga subscriber gets access to Movers, which helps you quickly identify the biggest gainers and losers on the market in real-time.
  • Audio Squawk – Audio Squawk is one of Pro Benzinga’s more unique features. It’s available for Essential and Options Mentorship subscribers and it provides real-time audio news broadcasts about market trends during each business day.

Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga: Customer Support

Should you have an issue with your Pro Benzinga or Alpha Requirement subscription, it’s important that you can get the help you need. Here’s what you can expect customer service-wise from each company.

Alpha Requirement

Alpha Requirement’s customer support is provided through the company’s online help pages. If you have an issue with the Alpha Requirement website, you can report it on the firm’s feedback forum. Account-holders can access email and phone-based support with Alpha Requirement, but only for subscription-related concerns.

Pro Benzinga

With Pro Benzinga, subscribers can get answers to most common questions in the firm’s online FAQs pages. Pro Benzinga also offers email-based and live chat support to all account holders.

Benzinga-Pro-Review-2022-Features-Pros-and-ConsSource: Pro Benzinga

Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga: Pricing

Investors that want to use Alpha Requirement or Pro Benzinga need to sign up for a subscription plan. Let’s take a closer look at each company’s pricing tiers for their subscription packages.

Alpha Requirement

Alpha Requirement currently offers three plan options for investors to choose from:

  • Basic – No cost
  • Premium – $29.99 per month or $239 per year
  • Pro – $299.99 per month or $2,400 per year

Keep in mind that you can get a sizable discount on your Alpha Requirement Pro or Premium subscription by paying annually rather than monthly.

Pro Benzinga

All of Pro Benzinga’s services require a paid subscription package. Pro Benzinga offers three plan options for investors:

  • Basic – $99 per month or $948 per year
  • Essential – $177 per month or $1,404 per year
  • Mentorship – $347 per month or $3372 per year

As is the case with Alpha Requirement, you can get a large discount with Pro Benzinga if you pay for your plan on an annual rather than monthly basis.

Both Pro Benzinga and Alpha Requirement offer promotional deals to new subscribers. Here’s what you need to know about these promotions.

Alpha Requirement

To help you decide if Alpha Requirement is the right option for you, the company offers a 14-day free trial of its Premium subscription. You must enter your payment information to begin your free trial, but you won’t be charged until the trial period ends.

Seeking-Alpha-Review-2021-Features-Pros-and-ConsAlpha Requirement is the source for this information.

Pro Benzinga

Pro Benzinga also offers a 14-day free trial to all new subscribers. You need to enter your credit card details when activating your trial, though your payment won’t be processed until your 14 days are over.

Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga: Platform and App

User-friendliness is key with any market research tool. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the functionality of Pro Benzinga and Alpha Requirement’s platforms.

Alpha Requirement

Alpha Requirement subscribers can access their account features either online or in a desktop or mobile app.

The company’s mobile apps are highly rated on both iOS and Android. Most users find that these apps are very easy to navigate. Meanwhile, Alpha Requirement’s website and desktop app are both user-friendly, though you can expect a slight learning curve with the firm’s stock screener tool.

Pro Benzinga

Pro Benzinga is exclusively a web-based platform. All of the company’s features are available on the Pro Benzinga website, which is fairly easy to navigate. But some of the company’s more advanced screener tools can be a bit overwhelming for first-time users.

Note that Benzinga does have a mobile app for both iOS and Android. But these apps don’t let you use all of the features that come with Pro Benzinga as they primarily provide access to the company’s news articles.

1645734622_521_Benzinga-Pro-Review-2022-Features-Pros-and-ConsSource: Pro Benzinga

Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga: Reviews

Before you sign up for a stock screener subscription, it’s worth checking out what other users have to say about their experiences. This is what other investors think Pro Benzinga Information and Alpha Requirement.

Alpha Requirement

Alpha Requirement generally gets positive feedback from its users. The company’s Trustpilot page has a rating of more than 4 stars, though this is based on a small number of reviews.

Most positive reviews Alpha Requirement’s Background mention that the firm’s customer service team is relatively quick to respond to subscription concerns. Others state that they appreciate the wide variety of authors and opinions available on the platform.

The one significant point of contention raised in the evaluations was that the amount of emails received from the company’s newsletters may be overwhelming. If you decide that newsletters aren’t for you, you can simply unsubscribe.

Pro Benzinga

Pro Benzinga also had mostly positive reviews from investors. It currently has a rating of more than four stars out of hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot.

Satisfied reviewers of Pro Benzinga frequently comment on the sheer number of tools and features that come with your subscription. Many other investors mention that they appreciate the company’s built-in social network.

However, the biggest issue that many investors have with Pro Benzinga is the price of its subscription plans. Many users say that the cost of these subscriptions is a bit high unless you’re a full-time day trader or serious investor.

Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga: What We Like (Pros)

Whether you sign up for Pro Benzinga or Alpha Requirement, both firms offer plenty of features for investors. Here are some of the things we appreciate about each company.

Alpha Requirement

  • There is a free Basic subscription bundle available.
  • Subscription costs are less expensive.
  • One of the biggest online investment groups in the world.
  • Thousands of analyst opinion pieces are available.
  • Portfolio management tools that are easy to use
  • Tools for stock screening that are second to none
  • Stocks have easy access to financial and technical data.
  • It provides stock analysis metrics to assist you in your investigation.

1638818672_907_Seeking-Alpha-Review-2021-Features-Pros-and-ConsAlpha Requirement is the source for this information.

Pro Benzinga

  • It sends out market news notifications in real time.
  • Provides an integrated social network for investors.
  • The platform may be customized to match your specific investment requirements.
  • Options traders have their own membership plan.
  • Powerful stock screener and scanner tools are included.
  • Watchlists and news notifications may be customized.
  • Customer service is provided through email and live chat.

Alpha Requirement vs. Pro Benzinga: What We Don’t Like (Cons)

Even though Pro Benzinga and Alpha Requirement are two popular market research tools, there are aspects of both companies that leave us wanting. These are some of the drawbacks of each subscription service.

Alpha Requirement

  • The free Basic plan comes with a relatively restricted set of features.
  • The UI of a stock screener is somewhat sophisticated.
  • A price is charged for marketplace services.
  • The customer service staff is solely accessible to help with subscription issues.

Pro Benzinga

  • Subscription plans are quite costly.
  • The Basic plan does not provide real-time market quotations.
  • It is not possible to link your brokerage account.
  • For first-time users, the platform might be a little perplexing.

1645734622_405_Benzinga-Pro-Review-2022-Features-Pros-and-ConsSource: Pro Benzinga

Who Is Alpha Requirement For?

Alpha Requirement is a market research tool that’s best for intermediate and experienced traders that want a stock screener without a hefty price tag. The company’s huge selection of opinion articles and its built-in portfolio management tool also make it a good option for investors that want a one-stop-shop for all their trading needs.

That said, Alpha Requirement doesn’t provide nearly as many market analysis features as Pro Benzinga and its stock screeners are less customizable. But if you’re limited by your budget and the amount of time you have to spend on stock research, it’s hard to go wrong with Alpha Requirement.

Who Is Pro Benzinga For?

Pro Benzinga is designed for more advanced investors that are serious about doing market research. The platform provides real-time market news and data all in one place and it offers one of the most powerful and customizable stock screeners available.

But the downsides of Pro Benzinga are its price and the complexity of its more advanced trading tools. Therefore, Pro Benzinga is best for investors that have the experience and time necessary to make the most of what the company has to offer.

FAQs Alpha Requirement’s Background vs. Pro Benzinga

Here are our answers to some of your most commonly asked questions Alpha Requirement’s Background and Pro Benzinga.

Which Premium Subscription is the Most Cost-Effective?

Pro Benzinga and Alpha Requirement both offer quality services to their subscribers and neither is inherently a better value. Alpha Requirement is the more affordable option, but Pro Benzinga comes with more features. If keeping costs low is critical, Alpha Requirement is likely the better choice. But for a more comprehensive research platform, consider Pro Benzinga.

Is there a Free Trial Available for These Services?

Both Pro Benzinga and Alpha Requirement offer 14-day free trials to help you decide if their services are right for your investing needs.

Are These Services Appropriate for Newcomers?

Alpha Requirement and Pro Benzinga are both designed for experienced traders, so they’re not ideal for beginners. But if you’re new to investing and want to use one of these stock screener tools, Alpha Requirement is arguably more beginner-friendly.

Last Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Alpha Requirement and Pro Benzinga are some of the best stock screener tools in the industry.

If you’re a trader that’s looking for the most powerful market research tools available and you’re okay with spending a bit more, Pro Benzinga might be your best option. Alternatively, if you don’t have that much time to spend on research and you want to keep costs low, consider Alpha Requirement instead.

But regardless of whether you choose Alpha Requirement or Pro Benzinga, what’s important is that you get the right stock screening service for your trading style.

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