In a recent interview with CNBC, Adam O’Dell revealed his ideal trading window. In fact, he has identified three stages – significant drawdowns, recoveries and developments – that traders should take advantage of if they wish to make gains in the market. It is important for investors to be able to chart their own path and know when it is time for them to step back from the markets or take on riskier trades and investments.,

Adam O’Dell is a trader who has been making money for years. He was born in the United States, but he now lives in London. His trading window is from 9 am to 3 pm EST., and he does not trade on weekends or holidays.

Hello, and thank you for visiting. In this piece, we’ll take a look at Adam O’Dell’s newest Money & Markets presentation on “The Perfect Trading Window.”

According to Adam, owing to “retail-driven anomalies” in the market, this approach might help you generate “at least 12 triple-digit wins” over the next 12 months.

What is the mechanism behind it? Is it genuine?

That’s what I’ll show you in this post. I’ll begin by explaining what his system is and how it works. Then, to help you determine whether it’s worth it, I’ll explain who Adam O’Dell is and give you an outline of the service he’s marketing, Home Run Profits.

“The Perfect Trading Window,” by Adam O’Dell

I first learned about The Perfect Trading Window from a Money & Markets presentation in which Adam O’Dell discussed how over 10 million new traders “inadvertently created a $1 trillion opportunity.”


Despite my cynicism, I was intrigued to hear what Adam had to say since I recognized him from another program he operates, Wednesday Windfalls, about which I just reported.

In a nutshell, Adam O’Dell is a former hedge fund manager and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) with a solid track record in the stock advising industry. Of course, not everything he suggests works out, but he is an expert in the field of investing.

Anyway, he’s talking about how millions of new retail investors have been “flooding the market” recently and flocking into meme stocks like Gamestop, AMC, and Hertz in this presentation.

He specifically mentions that this year, 10 million new retail traders joined the stock market. And how, if current trends continue, 20 million additional traders might join the market in the following year.

To summarize, Adam claims that “retail-driven anomalies” are causing all of these “rookie traders” to create “hugely lucrative trading opportunities.” And that he understands how to capitalize on the chances that they assist to generate.

What is his plan and how does it work?

It’s not about buying meme stocks like GME or AMC, according to Adam O’Dell, since they’re “simply too volatile… and too hazardous.”

He claims that there is a “smarter approach to take advantage of the $1 trillion in fresh money flooding the stock market today.” And it all comes down to a concept known as momentum.

In essence, Adam O’Dell’s technique is based on picking equities that have a strong rising trend. In other words, he seeks for equities that are currently heading upward and seem to be poised to continue trading higher in the coming months.

His technique is “intended to detect the precise time a stock is poised to attain Maximum Momentum,” he claims. Which he defines as a “two-to-three-month period” during which the stock’s momentum is accelerating.

To put it another way, Adam’s plan is to buy high and sell high. His objective is to enter transactions as soon as he feels they will increase by 100% or more.

Because the “algorithms or technical indicators” his system utilizes to discover these possibilities are reportedly “secret,” he doesn’t divulge them. However, he does state that the technique entails the use of options in order to possibly optimize profits.

What is the procedure for using options?

Stock options are a kind of derivative that is based on the underlying stock. They provide you the option, not the responsibility, to buy the underlying asset at a predetermined price within a certain time frame.

On the other side, since you can manage a considerably greater number of shares with less cash, you can earn better returns using options. It’s a type of leverage in that sense.

However, since you don’t own the underlying shares, you might lose your whole stake if the stock price falls. As with any investment, there are hazards to be aware of.

What role does the “Perfect Trading Window” play in this?

Adam claims that his approach is all about spotting “retail-driven market oddities” that lead to momentum-based trading chances. In other words, his algorithm hunts for market abnormalities that “rookie traders” contribute to, as Adam puts it.

And as more and more individual investors join the market, The Perfect Trading Window is all about profiting on this trend. As previously said, an estimated 10 million traders joined the market this year, with Adam anticipating a 20 million figure in the next year.

He also mentions how, according to a Market Insider story, the amount of money pouring into the market from individual investors this year is anticipated to hit $1 trillion.

So, the “ideal trading window” is all about employing Adam’s “Maximum Momentum” trading strategy to profit from the “torrent of fresh money” that will enter the market over the next year, according to him.

It’s about following his trade suggestions as a member of his advice service, Home Run Profits, for the next 12 months. He further claims that using this approach, “you’ll be able to earn at least 12 triple-digit victories over the following year.”

Let’s take a deeper look at Home Run Profis to see what it’s all about.

What Are Home Run Profits, and How Do They Work?

Home Offered Profits is a trading advising service run by Money & Markets’ Adam O’Dell that specializes in momentum trading using options. The service’s purpose, according to the Money & Markets website, is to assist users “consistently achieve market-beating returns.”

Adam claims that his system’s algorithms and indicators are proprietary throughout his presentation. He claims, however, that every time his algorithm “triggers a buy signal on a stock,” he and his staff assess the possibility and share it with subscribers if everything checks up.

Subscribers will get two to three trade ideas every month through email for the next 12 months, based on Adam’s “Maximum Momentum” approach. You’ll also receive the information behind each choice, which will help you understand why Adam chose it.

After then, it’s up to you whether you follow his advice with your own trading account, since the service assists you in becoming a skilled self-directed investor.

You also receive weekly updates from Adam O’Dell in addition to the monthly recommendations. These updates are meant to keep you informed about the positions he recommends and to alert you when it’s time to depart one of the possibilities he recommends.

Subscribers also get access to the model portfolio, which consists of a list of current Home Run Profits suggestions as well as some extra materials.

“Maximizing Profits With Options,” a five-part video series, and “The Strategy Report: The Secret to Averaging Home Run Profits Every 30 Days,” a report.

How has Home Run Profits fared in the market?

Since its debut, the average gain of Home Run Profis is unknown. Subscribers have gotten “dozens of triple digit victories” using the service, according to Adam’s presentation. And he gives several instances, such as the ones listed below:

  • In only 55 days, U.S. Steel has gained 154 percent.
  • In only 60 days, Pan American Silver has increased by 225 percent.
  • In only 63 days, Supervalu Inc. has increased by 430 percent.

Adam claims that his suggestions have an average hold length of 77 days and that his system has “closed an average gain of 20% over 77 days.”

Given that the market has typically averaged about a 10% return each year or less, doubling this in little over two months is amazing. I can’t swear for the accuracy of Adam’s assertion, but I doubt he’d make anything up like that.

And, if that’s the case, it’s worth noting that just because his service has done well in the past doesn’t guarantee that it will continue to do so in the future. There are no assurances in this world.

Adam says he’ll “promise you’ll be able to make at least 12 triple-digit victories over the following year,” but because he doesn’t have a crystal ball, anything may happen.

In actuality, Adam’s “promise” is based on the amount of money you invest in the service. According to the Money & Markets website, if you don’t have a triple-digit victory every month for the first 12 months, you may obtain a free second year of membership.

If you’re not pleased with the service during the first 90 days, you may earn a credit to spend on another provider, according to the website.

What is the price of Home Run Profits?

Home Run Profits costs $1,495 per year to subscribe to.

That’s not exactly cheap, but the site claims it’s usually approximately $3,500, so if you join during the “Perfect Trading Window” presentation, you’ll get a discount.

Is Adam O’Dell a genuine professional?

Adam O’Dell is the Chief Investment Strategist for Money & Markets and a former hedge fund manager. He is also a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

A CMT is a certification bestowed by the CMT Association to traders who have shown proficiency in technical analysis. CMTs “show mastery of investment risk in portfolio management,” according to Investopedia.

Michael Carr and John Jagerson are the only other financial experts I’ve come across with this title. I’m sure there are others, but this is one of the things that distinguishes O’Dell from the pack and demonstrates his expertise, particularly in technical trading.

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered Adam O’Dell. Money & Markets also publishes a number of additional investment/trading programs by him.

Green Zone Fortunes, for example, is an entry-level advising service he operates, and I just reported about a new Wednesday Windfalls service he launched. He’s also the editor of a service called 10X Profits, which I’ve yet to investigate.

What are his most recent stock recommendations?

Adam O’Dell recommends a wide range of stocks, so the recommendations you get will vary depending on the service you subscribe to.

He did, however, just provide a presentation on an Imperium Machine, which is all about a DNA sequencing firm in which he has a lot of confidence. And I give the name and ticker of the firm I think he’s teasing, as well as the full facts of why, in the aforementioned article.

To return to the initial topic, I think Adam O’Dell is the genuine article. That doesn’t imply he’s always correct or that you should take his advice at face value. Not in the least. He is, nevertheless, a genuine investing guru, and his service is genuine.

Money & Markets is also a famous financial publishing firm situated in Florida. You may also check out the site’s blog ( to get a sense of the kind of information the firm provides on a regular basis.


Adam O’Dell discusses his momentum-based trading method, which takes advantage of “retail-driven anomalies” in the market, in his presentation The Perfect Trading Window.

Adam feels that the window of opportunity has never been greater, given the growth of retail investors joining the market, and that the suggestions his system gives may help you capitalize on this trend over the next 12 months.

Joining Home Run Profits is the only way to have access to his best choices.

Is it really worth it?

Home Run Profits isn’t cheap, costing $1,495 per year. However, Adam O’Dell is an expert, and his track record suggests it’s worth investigating. Particularly if you want to understand how to use options to trade a stock’s momentum.

However, it’s definitely not for consumers seeking for a long-term buy-and-hold advice service, since Adam only makes two to three recommendations per month and claims that his selections have an average hold length of 77 days.

Another factor to think about is your risk tolerance. Trading options, like all investments, has risk, but it may be considerably worse depending on how you go about it.

Finally, whether or not Home Run Profits is beneficial will be determined by your own circumstances and investment choices. It will also depend on whether you are ready to spend $1,495 to join knowing that a cash return is not available.

If that worries you, Adam’s lower-cost service, Green Zone Fortunes, could be worth a try first. As well as some of the company’s free material on its blog. You’ll be able to acquire a better sense of the service before committing to the more costly membership.

Adam O’Dell is a trader, investor, and author. He is the founder of the “adam o’dell imperium stock” and has been involved in trading since 1978. In his book “Adam’s Trading Window”, he talks about what he believes to be the perfect trading window.

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